Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Sphinx

This was an open pyramid Isis had never seen anything like it. It was made of glass,in 3D surrounded by black and blue sky. "Hello. John Henry," something roared. Both of them looked up in awe. There in the pitch black of the pyramid was a sphinx. It stood and walked towards them." How do you know who I am," said John. John walked closer and Isis sneaked behind him cowering in his shoulder."I am Kenefu. I knew you from before," says the Cat-man. "What," asks John. The sphinx chuckled," Oh the time has not come but you will know, you visited the temple," he said."Yes," they said." How did you know," asked John. "Never mind," he continued as he shook his head. "The signs you saw, are here in the writings, they were here long before the language. You will never be safe until you transform. but there will be those who will protect you," says the lion. "Safe from who," asks John. "Search your memory,Don't worry, they are coming. You will need the sceptere hidden inside Bast's tomb. But be careful for she was a natural enemy of Sekhmet, and you are of her clan," he ends. "Yes," I know says, John. They begin to leave. "Where are you going," he asks,"To the next temple," They said. "You are not ready for that yet," says the sphinx, and in seconds they are back in the shop even more bewildered than before.

The City

Isis was mesmerized when she saw it. The city consisted of 3 wooden buildings. The buildings were large and small at the same time. They were replicas of artifacts found in the tombs. The shop is filled with them,but these were different. They were wooden and inlaid with porcelain and gold. The first building looked like a temple. She took off the front of the building. In moments she was there. Hieroglyphics danced around the tiny version of herself. "I can't believe this," she says as she scans at herself from head to toe. The temple was luminescent white. Pictures and signs floated in the air all around her. She heard a voice,"Who,where is your magic, where is it?" It chanted over and over. She screams that's enough,then she sees it a glass case with something locked inside. Then she's on to the next site out in the sand wondering but emerges right in front of the next temple. She sees John Henry and they walk toward the next building out front.

The Bookstore

Henry and Isis weren't satisfied with the answers that had. Isis had too many questions still,so Henry took her to the bookstore. They walked along the street together. "Here it is,"he said as he opened the door for her and she walked inside. "Hello,hello," he called. They looked for the Shopkeeper, but he was nowhere to be found. So they walked around looking at the many treasures and antiques available for sale.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Bookstore

Henry and Isis weren't satisfied with the answers they had. Isis had too many questions still. So they bundled up in disguises and Henry took her to the bookstore. They walked along the street together. Here it is,he said as he opened the door for her and she walked inside." Hello,hello,"he called. They looked for the shop keeper, but he was no where to be found. So they walked around looking. "This is more like an antique shop," she said as her voice trailed off. she was mesmerized by the tiny trinkets all over the store. He gaze rested on one little town in particular. Henry walked up behind her and e seemed to be hypnotized as well stopping in time for just a moment.

Sneaking In

Cat sat on her favorite perch sleeping by the door, when her son came home. she smelled him yards away, and that's what woke her. He unlocked the door sneaking in half dressed like a teenager with some sort of secret. "Were have you been,' she whined like a shrew. Rex was startled, this was totally unlike his mother, But her questions just became faster as she drifted into the light. "Why are you half dressed," I shape shifted only meters from here. "Where is dad," he queried. "Out hunting again, we need fresh food everyday, you know that, too many of us will draw attention," She says. "Yes," he answered. She relaxed and walked into the kitchen and made herself some warm milk and wraped her sharpened claws around a cup. "Want some," she asked? "No," he said he thought she had abandoned her questions, her eyes narrowed into slits once he went upstairs.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


"He has come along way, let's hear him out," says Maximus.
"And still you should be proud of your work," he tries to compliment. The two cats didn't look particularly frightening, but they were no laughing matter. One stood at 9 feet and the other at 12 feet tall. "You waste our time," thunders Maximus.
"He is here!" screamed Rex at the top of his lungs.
"Who," queried Felix.
"Are you not royalty, you should at least sense him?
there is one even greater than even you," says Rex.
"Go on," drawls Maximus.
"A boy has arrived, he has the Mark of Shen,"says Rex.
"Remind us briefly,"says Felix.
"He is the descendant of Sehkmet herself and he will be king," says Rex. "How do you know this, we didn't sense anything," says Felix. "My parents told me, and you wouldn't sense anything, your powers are not that strong. Not as strong as his I mean," says Rex.
They roared at him in uni some and pounced down to his position very annoyed. "He hasn't changed yet." They looked at each other in bewildered fashion. "What is it you want?" asked Maximus. "I will spy for you if you will make me one of you," he asked.
"How quickly things change, when you first entered the cave it was as though you were in charge and we are your help," says Maximus. He looks nervously between them, always aware of his small size in relation to other weres.
"A king or a prince," says Felix suddenly.
"That's impossible, you said yourself I'm the product of witch craft," says Rex.
"We can find a way," says Maximus, "besides it's what you want."
Maximus leans further in Rex's face. "Alright. But we are in charge of you, not you in charge of us," they agreed. "Ofcourse says," Rex snealkily. He knew Felix was indeed the more dangerous, becuase of his ability to probe the character of an individual and he must tread lightly.


The two hairless tigers circled each other while they spoke. "Why are you here," they asked?"
"I am here to warn you," he said.
"Of what?" they asked in unison.
"Your very existence is threatened," he said.
The two chuckled madly like a pair of hyenas.
"By whom," they answered "And first I would like to know who I am speaking to,
Speak Boy!"
Rex roars and says,"I am Rex Panthera, you do not know of me but you will remember my name now and in the future." The two cats looked at each other stunned and shocked at his boldness. "I am Maximus Carnivorous, and I am Felix Carnivorous,"said the other. "I am aware of your handy work in Kenya," says Rex.
"That was 100 years ago," answered Maximus.
"Why do you think it was us, " asked Felix.
"That's why I'm asking," If you are not immortal you are of no consequence to me,"says Rex. The two again exchanged glances. Their skills were indeed rusty, but they marveled at the boldness of this boy. "It's rumored you killed over 135 men that day," says Rex. "Be careful of rumors,they are alomst always untrue" hissed Maximus.
"It was more," said Felix.
Felix is sitting and sniffs the air. "Be careful Maximus, the boy is a product of witchcraft," he warns. Rex seems to be taken aback for the moment, it is he who is stunned now. Knowing immortals have heiracrchy and cursed or enchanted cats being at the bottom he now feared what would come next.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The TSAVO Lair

Rex climbed to the top of a jagged mountain range. He had traveled day and night to central Kenya. Rex fell through a slit in the rock and fell through a tunnel to the bottom of the mountain. He woke beside a lava lake. Suddenly his eyes opened and he jumped to a crouching position ans sniffed in the air quickly left to right. He felt the CHANGE coming. He loved it. It was quick and painful, but oh the power,ROAR! He shape shifted and began running through the tunnels. The tunnels were like a winding maze with no alternate route. Rex was sure this would take him to the TSAVOS one way or another. The heat was increasing and he was sure this was not far from hell itself. Rex stopped suddenly at a long bridge directly above the lava river then he jumped and hurled his body across with all his might. Suddenly the space began to narrow as if it had a mind of its own. Rex stretched his physique until it squeaked through the thin tiny tunnels to a large doorway made of rock and lit by candles. He walked out into a huge cavern on all fours. In the background was an incredibly high cliff with a red luminescent light at the top. He knew this is where he must go and climb he did to the very top. Rex jumped and climbed for what seemed like hours until he saw the portal and walked through it and there he was suddenly in the living space of two of the most feared cats the world has ever known.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who Are They?

"No one ever told me that," he said as he looked down at the crowded streets below. She stopped, she could tell he wasn't ready to hear the whole story and she wasn't ready to tell him. He looked back at her. She was beautiful in a strange sort of way. "The mark is why those cats didn't kill you," she said. He looks down in the palm of his hand. He always thought it was a strange sort of thing, but never this strange. "How do you know about that?" he asks. She laughed, "I'm over 5,000 years old, there's not much of anything I don't know. I know most of what was and will be in this world and the here after." "Are you saying,I'm one of them, who are they?" "They are part of a pride of shape shifting cats," she said. "Like Werewolves?"he asked. "Yes, but your destiny is unclear," She says. "What about the ruins?" he asks. "You didn't get what you needed there, you didn't see, because you weren't looking," she said. "Next time, I'll be prepared," he says defiantly as he turns to face her. The room is silent again and she is back on her perch stiff and still.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

She Speaks

When Taj is gone Minx shape shifts into a tall woman. She yawns and stretches as if she has come out of a long sleep. John Henry looks at her amazed. She has long dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a white hooded cloak.
She walks around the drab room for what seems like hours. "It wasn’t by accident that you picked me what do you mean,” said John. Have you ever noticed the mark on your hand? It’s the mark of shen; it comes from an ancient line of royal cats," Minx replies. He shook his head and says,"I’m not a cat." "Of course not, silly," she said. He stood and looked outside the window.” You are very special John Henry, “ she said.

Minx The Siamese Cat

Minx is a 3000-year-old cat. She was the constant companion of Ramses IV. She died not long after Ramses and She was embalmed and sent to Rameses’ tomb, when she was stolen and discarded in the Bast Temple. The priest in the temple resurrected her and gave her the power to speak and shape shift. She has the power to change into a white witch. She is white with a brilliant beaded collar 3 inches wide around her neck. Minx is a Siamese cat with bright blue eyes.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rex ‘Wildcat”Panthera

Of course there was"Wildcat”Panthera. He is 6 foot as a cat,200 lbs
and he looks around 16 but his age is 320 years old.
He always wears athletic clothing. Rex is the fastest runner in the family.
blond hair green eyes.
He is the smallest in the family.
Rex has a tan complexion. He is an above average thinker, a geek who tries to be tough. He loves to play with prey before he kills it.
He speaks as if he knows everything, you can hear it in his tone.
He will stand will the cats until death although he fears it.

Rex was born in Australia and was home schooled.
He refuses to work in the family business and prefers odd jobs.
He loves himself and wants to be king of all cats.
Rex has an inner need-to be a beast always. He feels he is stronger when he is a cat. He will step on anyone to get what he wants and secretly has low self esteem.
A witch doctor cursed Cat’s youngest child to be the most frail. Rex is extremely sneaky and kills other than to eat.
He often rambles to the point of being told to shut up, he feels he must always the teacher.

What Now?

The next day the family goes back to the site and tracks the boy back to his orphanage. They are in the bushes overlooking the orphanage. They shapeshift. Then they go back home. Kitty asks Leo, "Why are we back so soon?”
"We have to be careful there are other cats in the area and they could track us to him. Besides we need to go back in human form," says Leo. "Then what are we going to do with him?" asks Rex. "We are going to bring him back here," says Leo. The two adults roll in their beds to hibernate for a few days. But the teens can't sleep.
That night Rex sneaks out of his room and speeds to a cave nearby in North Uganda.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Tigris

Tigris “Cat” Panthera is the mother of the family. Her height and weight are 350 lbs and almost 8 feet tall. She has long blonde hair. She is 390 years old. She is a champion jumper. She green a round face with green cat. She loves wine, but sometimes fears going places alone.
Cat stands with Leo most of the time. He is the leader and anything he says goes for her. She has a tanned complexion.
Cat has great athletic ability and has good intelligence. Cat likes to chase small animals for sport. She drawls and roars when speaking. Cat stands for what’s right as well. She also fears their secret is getting out and will do anything to protect it. Leo has stopped her from devouring many humans who saw them change. Cat misses her parents and sister, who dies centuries ago. She used to watch them as a tiger before they died. She was born in Australia. She is Caucasian.
Cat works at home as a travel agent.
She was cursed by a witch doctor over 300 years ago. Cat usually says one thing does another. She has a hot temperament and dislkes people

Leo the Lion

Leo Panthera is the patriarch and the leader of the pack.
He is over 8 feet and 350 lbs as a cat. His appearance is blonde, with brown eyes. His age is about 40 years old and he tears a lot. Leo wears casual clothing and has an athletic build. His health is good and he has great physical strength.
Leo has mid length, dirty brown hair, beard that goes all over the whole face.
Leo is addicted to small prey. He is a good were cat and uses powers for good and to eat. He is slightly tanned and is an incredible runner. Leo exhibits the wisdom of a 400-year-old person. He paces before he strikes and his voices thunders.

Leo fears leaving his family. He will do anything to protect them.
He becomes violent easily. He is Caucasian and was brought up in Australia.
Leo is self-taught and learns through travel. Leo is a travel agency owner.
He is a travel Agent. His goal is to help John. His personal motivation is to do what’s right. Leo will do anything to protect his family.
He became an immortal in Africa 400 years ago. Leo at 30 years old was mauled by a lion but survived. He is a natural leader and resilient. He watches houses. His point of view is they. He is realistic . He was once caught for indecent exposure once after he shapeshited back to a lion. Leo worships Ra and is middle class. He visits his parent's grave, as a lion and sits on a neary hill. He loves to travel.
Leo is prejudiced against humans and hates kids that don’t listen.
His superstition is related to the Bast cat.
He believes in truth and often replays events over in his mind and can’t let things go easily. Leo can’t imagine after life without cats in it. He has a nice disposition, but a hot temperament. He likes to hunt and dislikes daytime.

Kitty Panthera

These days it was hard for John Henry to tell his friends from his enemies. Now there is Kitty Panthera. She is is a 5 10 slim white panther with blue eyes.
She is 350 years old. A long scar on her neck from countless cat fights.
Kitty has an athletic build and has great health. She is an attractive, platinum blonde, with crossed eyes.
She is addicted to red meat. Although she doesn’t like to hurt innocent victims.
Kitty wants to protect John even if it means an end to her powers.
She has a very pale complexion and is a super jumper. She is a dim wit and loves to watch too much television. Her voice quality is that of a high scream.
She fears death. She hates the thought of spending the rest of her life alone with her family. She often dreams of venturing out to meet other werecats, or anybody else.
Kitty was born in Australia and home schooled there as well. Now she works in her father’s online travel agency as an online travel agency.
She wants to help others but is suspicious of humans.
Many times she must do what family wants even if it goes against what she wants
She was caught once and displayed as a circus act until her family saved her. The circus keeper loved to see her change, but didn’t know what to feed her afterwards, the appropriate meal being humans. She is has a soft side, is often too trusting, and is always hungry.
Kitty often gets caught easily when roaming. She eats too much but has a superior knowledge of prey.
She has a good attitude and always thinks in terms of others first.
She is Caucasian and speaks a high pitch voice with long pauses. When she is still you can almost hear her purring.
Kitty is physically very strong and has a good relationship with other people.
She was arrested once when she jumped inside a zoo exhibition.
She is middle class and her religion is the Bast cat.
Kitty loves to knit clothes for herself. She hates it when humans kill cats.
She knows all superstitions. Unlike the others she is afraid.
Her ambition is to one day meet the Bast cat, now or in the after life.
Kitty often imagines she is human and defends them.
She has a calm temperment, but scares easily. She dislikes being a Werecat and secretly longs for mortality.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Taj Singh

Taj Singh hears the cat speaking and enters the room. Taj is John’s conscience. He always likes to be the center of attention at every decision, which is why he speaks with lightening speed at times. John gets lost in the conversation, but Taj will say one thing that is usually right and a good idea to bring John back to reality. Taj and John are the same age and came to the orphanage at the same time. He is thin with broad shoulders. His best trait is that is reason and intelligence. Taj is often cool in troubled situations, mainly because he has a bad sense of what is dangerous and what is not. He has a vast knowledge of Egypt. He always thinks in terms of what the whole group will do. He is mostly very chatty which drives most people crazy, except John. In fact Taj and Isis are constantly arguing to no end.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why Us?

Leo looks up to his son's room as Rex slams the door. Kitty purs,"Don't worry dad, he'll be back when he gets hungry enough.
Kitty asks,” Is that why we moved to Egypt?”
"Yes," answers Cat when she comes back into the room, "And to be near our own kind. Remember your father was an anthropologist." Cat is carrying a plate of raw bacon and sits it on the table. All three gather around the table and begin to eat.

Why Him?

“Dad go on,” begs Kitty.”
“It is believed he is the beginning of an ancient Egyptian prophecy to end the blood thirst for all shape shifting cats. He is the son of Sekhmet and Ptah, through Imhotep, or possible Ra himself!” he says.
Cat says, as she walks into the kitchen,” We need to get to him before the TSAVO do."
"We can’t hurt him," asks Rex.
"No,We must make sure he is not hurt at any costs," says Leo. "Why,If he puts an end to the blood thirst that puts and end to us," says Rex.
“ Some of us don’t like being this way,” says Kitty.
“Hey some of us do," Argued Rex!
Leo says, "It’s settled we won’t hurt the boy.“
"Rex, there more” The boy is a theriantrophy, he contains the spirit of one of these gods, we can’t hurt him," says Cat.
"Well I don’t believe this stuff," says Rex. He rises and goes to his room.

The Next Day

Two days later, a girl sleeks from the shower in her room and walks into the living room. Her mother is there on the couch passed out. "What’s wrong,Mom did you have a rough night last night,” She giggles. “Something like that," answers Cat. The father is in the living room asleep. "Dad, why did you call off the attack? “ It’s hard to find that much food out here,”says Kitty.
He says, ”The boy has the mark of shen, the beginning and end mark of protection,” I saw it on his hand." A pre teen boy about 13 emerges from his room yawning. Cat asks, ”Rex are you all right?”
“Yes,” He says.”
Cat says,” How you manage to get so many scratches I’ll never know.”
“ Hello,” I’m the smallest continues, ” saysRex.
“When I named you Rex, I thought you would be a big powerful Lion,” Leo roars with laughter.
Kitty says, ”You should have named him Kitty and me Rex,” they laugh.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back Home

After he left the Bast Temple, John returned to his room. Immediately the Cat came alive. "Hello, my sage,"he said. "What is your name anyway,"asks John. "It is whatever you wish, but in ancient times I was called Minx, by my last master," says Minx. "Then I will call you Minx as well,"says John. "Why didn't you take me with you?"asks Minx. "You haven't yet told me how,You seem to appear when you want, but you could have told me it was a cemetery," "My lord, you are dealing with supernatural and immortal forces that you can only remotely comprehend, I will tell you what you need to know all in due time. You will need to return to the temple and look for the "Cat's Breakfast," says Minx. "What's that," asks John? "It's a scarab beetle, that can unlock doors," says Minx. "Where is it?" asks John. "It's hidden deep within the walls of the temple," says Minx. "And from now on, just wish for me and I will appear," says Minx.

More Isis

John can always depend on her for the truth and that’s the way he liked it. She is about 5 foot 4. She likes to pretend she can wear skinny jeans and high heels, both which are forbidden for girls her age. She dreams of being on her own. When she comes of age she can dress how she pleases. She always wears the standard uniform for her school. Although when they leave the premises they must wear a headdress.


Isis is 14 years old. She has light brown eyes and dark brown hair. Her eyes are the color of her sun kissed sin. She was found in Cairo at the age of 3 near a building that had been burned down. It never seems to bother her that she doesn’t have a family in the traditional sense of the word. She isn’t warm or the cuddly type.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Last Door

John manages to open it and both walk through a broken cobbled ridge upstairs to another statue of Bast. “Is this it?” asks Isis. John is stunned he looks for more. “Maybe there is something on the hieroglyphics of the walls,” John says. Isis says, “Not much here, even over the doorways or on the walls.” “Maybe be cause this is a temple, ”he says. She begins to take pictures. John says, “Wait!” We have to have something,” she says. “Don’t be so jumpy,” she says. That’s why you are here,” John says.


Next they move through this entrance to a space that is about 5 meters long to another doorway, which is the entrance to a room. The torches outside the second room magically light up when John shines the flashlight towards them. Isis is spooked but seems as if she won’t be deterred. Both enter another door and there at the back is a large onyx statue of Bast. Isis can see what looks like remnants of an old carpet down the middle of a room full of pillars. There is a small door on the left.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Door

The next week John and Isis meet at the back of the dining hall. They manage to slip away. John and Isis come to an entrance with steps and walk inside. “This must be the patio,” says John. They are in an outdoor area with a dusty pond that once held water. On more careful inspection, Isis says, ”It looks like some kind of cemetery!” She runs up behind John and bumps into him. John interrupts, “But there aren’t any headstones.” He shines the flashlight overhead to the archway there are a few symbols overhead of each door.

What Do I need To Know?

“Well why do I need to learn them,” she asks. “There is a bigger prize. Anyway, why do you ask so many questions,” he says. “Well if I am to put my life in danger, I need to know,” says Isis. “What?” he exclaimed. “It common knowledge that the tombs of the are Pharaohs dangerous,” she replies. “This is not a Pharaoh’s tomb. It’s the Temple of Bast,” he says. “Same thing,” she whispers as she got up and returns to eat with the other girls.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ready to Go

“Where?” she queries. “Here,” he said. She became more interested. “In the basement, I saw them, caverns and caverns worth,” says John. “How can I get away?“ asks Isis. “Next week he said when you come back for lunch. In the meantime we’ll do research together,” he says. “ Agreed, Agreed,” she said. “Which hieroglyphics do you need to know?” she asks. “Just enough for a basic sentence. I didn’t see many when I was down there,” he says.


The next day the girl’s orphanage comes for lunch. John manages to corner Isis and ushers her to a seat that is more secluded. “What is this about,”she queries? I need to learn hieroglyphics. “Why do you need my help," she asks. "You are good with memorizing,” he returns. “And,” she asks. “I want you to go with me to search some ruins,” says John.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


After morning lessons John goes to the library within the orphanage. He looks for research on the Bast temple. He opens a book and finds a layout. The layout matches the ruin in the basement. He decides he will go ac later and explore he cavern as much as he can, but he will need help. John goes to his room and decides to wait until he speaks to his friend Isis. That night he is getting ready for bed. He opens one of the books about hieroglyphics from the library he has checked out.

What Kind of Cat

“Yes,” answers Taj.
“ It’s picture from the night before,” asks John.
“That looks like a cape lion, but it can’t be one,” says Taj.
“Why?” asks John.
“Cape lions are extinct,” says Taj.
“ And what about this white panther?” asks John.
“ Yes,” says Taj.
“I have never seen one before,” says John.
“ Clearly an albino with blue eyes,” says Taj.
“Yes, It must be, says John as he prepares to go downstairs for breakfast.

Monday, September 27, 2010


He can’t read hieroglyphics. He decides to leave and come back later. He runs back down the hall to find the shaft he fell through. It was a hard climb back to the top. He is out of breath and stumbles back to his room.
John Henry returns to his room. He sees a camera on the bunk overhead. “What is this?” asks John.
“ It’s a camera,” says Taj, his roommate.
“Was it running the other night?” asks John.
“ I think so,” answers Taj. John Henry quickly opens the digital camera.
“Look,” he gasped!


Now this being Egypt this kind of occurrence was not nearly uncommon. But this was complete with cave paintings of cats as people. He shined the light all over the room. John couldn’t read the hieroglyphics. He saw a nearby torch and picked it up. Magically it lit up. He walked through the cave like hallway until he came to what were huge double doors. There words on the door were clearly devoted to Bast.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The First Cave Sighting

Life in the orphanage was never easy, but John decided to make the most of his time and pursue some questions he had. He used to air ducts to slide from room to room.
But one day he lost his balance and ended up in something that looked like a basement. Upon further inspection it was a cave!

A Rare Gift

“I was told to watch out for someone who had a rare gift to speak to the cats. It appears that person has come,” says the shopkeeper. John backs out of the shop in disbelief. “Come back ,”the shopkeeper yells after him. John was sure the man was a witch doctor, crazy, or both. So ran from the shop as fast as he could go.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Oracle of Bast

“You knew didn’t you? “ asked John.
“Ofcourse, but I wasn’t sure. The cat only appears to very special people I was told. You must be a very special person. In fact I don’t know anyone who has seen this it is only a legend,” says the shopkeeper.
“Who are you,” demanded John.
“ I’m the oracle of Bast. It’s an ancient religion. Bast is the cat goddess, ”said the shopkeeper.

We'recats: The Shopkeeper

We'recats: The Shopkeeper: "John did not believe this was an accident so he went back to the shopkeeper the next day. John asked him why he had sold him a magical cat...."

The Shopkeeper

John did not believe this was an accident so he went back to the shopkeeper the next day. John asked him why he had sold him a magical cat. The shopkeeper pretended not to know what John was talking about. He whisked his patrons outside and turned the sign to closed. He walked back to John and says, ”Keep your voice down!”
“You knew didn’t you? “ asked John.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Cat Calls

“You will see in time,” said the Cat. “You will need me in all of your journeys from here on out and we shall protect each other.” Suddenly John heard foots steps. The headmaster called to him. “Quickly,” John whispered. The cat jumped back to his perch and sat. John appeared to be asleep. “John, is everything okay, I thought I heard noises?” called Malic. “Everything is fine,” said John as he woke up pretending to be sleep. The headmaster gathered his flashlight and left. John called to the cat, but it didn’t awaken.

The Cat Mummy

“ Three US dollars,” said the shopkeeper.
“Why is it so cheap?” asked John. The shopkeeper shrugged his shoulders; relics go in and out of style. John Henry happened to have dollars saved. He said all right. The shopkeeper stared after John as he left his shop.
“ Good Luck,” he hollered after John.
He took the cat back to his room. That night he was sleeping and he heard something call out to him. Suddenly the cat was mortal. It was purring and arching its back as it paced along the room.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Oracle's Shop

The next day he took a walk into town. John walked into a shop. The shop was full of books of spells and charms. This was indeed very rare in Egypt so he walked around what seemed like hours looking at the old books. His eye rested on a cat. The shopkeeper walked up to him and began to speak about the cat. “This is a cat mummy,” he said.
“A real one?” asked John.

The Orphan's Home

The orphanage looked like a large gymnasium. The staff was small. The girl’s orphanage will come to spend the day today. The girls slide into a seat across from the boys and giggled the whole time. After breakfast left the orphanage and went to his favorite place on the Nile. He walked outside and sat on the bank. Large sailboats floated along the deep blue water. It was a white turquoise blue. The shore was made of rocks. The grass just beyond grew from the most beautiful and fertile land on this side of Egypt. The orphanage itself was large and white with many windows and rooms. A large white dome perched on the very top of this building. The orphanage itself was a mystery complete with old ruins and catacombs he had yet to explore.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

John Henry

John Henry will one day be a leader to all shape shifting cats. He is a student. His goal is to find out more about his destiny. He is often motivated by curiosity. John has an inner need to be apart of something bigger than himself. He is a hero at heart. He is courageous brave and nice. He sometimes gets himself into situations without thinking first. John is skilled in puzzles. He sees things from everyone’s point of view. He has brown hair and light skin. He is lanky with dark brown eyes and has always wanted to be muscular and bigger than his size. John is very tall with hair almost shoulder length.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The west wall was both jagged and smooth. The whole piece was a mix of dark and medium browns with spots. It had natural steps cut into it, but they were meters apart standing on the most defined rock on the top was the Tigris. She stood on the top screaming, and then she jumped to the bottom with speeds that were both familiar and frightening as she fell. John began to climb the same crater in the rock that other humans were clinging to, betting that her body would be too large to fit or hang on to the stair. John was right she fell the length, only to start over again. He didn’t watch her long. She began catcalling.


Suddenly all four cats zoom towards him. The lion and tiger matched each other in speed. But the lion was clearly, king of this tribe as all the others. They shape shift into Werecats and surround the camp. He runs to warn the other kids. They are out of the camp running around.
He reached a plateau with four hills. He ran as fast as he could over the dusty plain. John was surprised he could run that fast. His asthma was calm. There were two of them behind him, lurching forward and almost galloping on all fours.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The White Panther

John Henry looked up and saw a white panther perched on the 3rd level, just below the bell in the top open window. The sky was dark. This tower was in front of a mountain cliff to it’s left is part of the residence with 7 visible rooms; to its right is a large area that’s used as a meeting area. Most of this part of the structure is made of rock and dust. The panther looks up and sees the cross on the very top of the tower just above her. She seemed to cower and squeal in its presence. She retreated back into the dark hallway only with her bright blue eyes visible and then they were gone.

The Chase

John Henry began running as fast as he could, and before he knew it he was on a large hill. He ran across its slope as much as he could without sliding. It was slanted against a black sky in the distance. He tried to run without falling down the slope leading behind him every 5 minutes. He heard footsteps at this point but saw no one. He held on to parts of the dry brown clay while his feet tried to keep up. Finally he was at the bottom.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Cat

The Werecat was bipedal. The great cat transformed, and he was larger than the regular lion about 800 lbs. The calmness of the prowl is exchanged for a beast with so much rage. John Henry eyed the enormous cat. He was both envious and beguiled by what he saw.

The Monastery

It was completely cut off from the outside world, which of advantage to the intruder. The class had camped outside its walls. That’s when he heard the screams. The campers and patrons ran as fast as they could in all directions, and John just stood there at the mercy of four, eight -foot tall ferocious cats.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Trip

It was at this time that John Henry, an orphan who lives in an orphanage just inside Aswan is on a safari with his teacher. The class traveled for three days until they stopped 45 miles of the Nile basin near Aswan. His teacher decided to take a class of children in the small orphanage, on a trip. The first leg of their trip was Saint Catherine’s monastery.


Some say cats will always be here. As long as you have one female cat that’s all you need. I know they have been here as long as the first human and will definitely out live us.