Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Sphinx

This was an open pyramid Isis had never seen anything like it. It was made of glass,in 3D surrounded by black and blue sky. "Hello. John Henry," something roared. Both of them looked up in awe. There in the pitch black of the pyramid was a sphinx. It stood and walked towards them." How do you know who I am," said John. John walked closer and Isis sneaked behind him cowering in his shoulder."I am Kenefu. I knew you from before," says the Cat-man. "What," asks John. The sphinx chuckled," Oh the time has not come but you will know, you visited the temple," he said."Yes," they said." How did you know," asked John. "Never mind," he continued as he shook his head. "The signs you saw, are here in the writings, they were here long before the language. You will never be safe until you transform. but there will be those who will protect you," says the lion. "Safe from who," asks John. "Search your memory,Don't worry, they are coming. You will need the sceptere hidden inside Bast's tomb. But be careful for she was a natural enemy of Sekhmet, and you are of her clan," he ends. "Yes," I know says, John. They begin to leave. "Where are you going," he asks,"To the next temple," They said. "You are not ready for that yet," says the sphinx, and in seconds they are back in the shop even more bewildered than before.

The City

Isis was mesmerized when she saw it. The city consisted of 3 wooden buildings. The buildings were large and small at the same time. They were replicas of artifacts found in the tombs. The shop is filled with them,but these were different. They were wooden and inlaid with porcelain and gold. The first building looked like a temple. She took off the front of the building. In moments she was there. Hieroglyphics danced around the tiny version of herself. "I can't believe this," she says as she scans at herself from head to toe. The temple was luminescent white. Pictures and signs floated in the air all around her. She heard a voice,"Who,where is your magic, where is it?" It chanted over and over. She screams that's enough,then she sees it a glass case with something locked inside. Then she's on to the next site out in the sand wondering but emerges right in front of the next temple. She sees John Henry and they walk toward the next building out front.

The Bookstore

Henry and Isis weren't satisfied with the answers that had. Isis had too many questions still,so Henry took her to the bookstore. They walked along the street together. "Here it is,"he said as he opened the door for her and she walked inside. "Hello,hello," he called. They looked for the Shopkeeper, but he was nowhere to be found. So they walked around looking at the many treasures and antiques available for sale.