Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Bookstore

Henry and Isis weren't satisfied with the answers they had. Isis had too many questions still. So they bundled up in disguises and Henry took her to the bookstore. They walked along the street together. Here it is,he said as he opened the door for her and she walked inside." Hello,hello,"he called. They looked for the shop keeper, but he was no where to be found. So they walked around looking. "This is more like an antique shop," she said as her voice trailed off. she was mesmerized by the tiny trinkets all over the store. He gaze rested on one little town in particular. Henry walked up behind her and e seemed to be hypnotized as well stopping in time for just a moment.

Sneaking In

Cat sat on her favorite perch sleeping by the door, when her son came home. she smelled him yards away, and that's what woke her. He unlocked the door sneaking in half dressed like a teenager with some sort of secret. "Were have you been,' she whined like a shrew. Rex was startled, this was totally unlike his mother, But her questions just became faster as she drifted into the light. "Why are you half dressed," I shape shifted only meters from here. "Where is dad," he queried. "Out hunting again, we need fresh food everyday, you know that, too many of us will draw attention," She says. "Yes," he answered. She relaxed and walked into the kitchen and made herself some warm milk and wraped her sharpened claws around a cup. "Want some," she asked? "No," he said he thought she had abandoned her questions, her eyes narrowed into slits once he went upstairs.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


"He has come along way, let's hear him out," says Maximus.
"And still you should be proud of your work," he tries to compliment. The two cats didn't look particularly frightening, but they were no laughing matter. One stood at 9 feet and the other at 12 feet tall. "You waste our time," thunders Maximus.
"He is here!" screamed Rex at the top of his lungs.
"Who," queried Felix.
"Are you not royalty, you should at least sense him?
there is one even greater than even you," says Rex.
"Go on," drawls Maximus.
"A boy has arrived, he has the Mark of Shen,"says Rex.
"Remind us briefly,"says Felix.
"He is the descendant of Sehkmet herself and he will be king," says Rex. "How do you know this, we didn't sense anything," says Felix. "My parents told me, and you wouldn't sense anything, your powers are not that strong. Not as strong as his I mean," says Rex.
They roared at him in uni some and pounced down to his position very annoyed. "He hasn't changed yet." They looked at each other in bewildered fashion. "What is it you want?" asked Maximus. "I will spy for you if you will make me one of you," he asked.
"How quickly things change, when you first entered the cave it was as though you were in charge and we are your help," says Maximus. He looks nervously between them, always aware of his small size in relation to other weres.
"A king or a prince," says Felix suddenly.
"That's impossible, you said yourself I'm the product of witch craft," says Rex.
"We can find a way," says Maximus, "besides it's what you want."
Maximus leans further in Rex's face. "Alright. But we are in charge of you, not you in charge of us," they agreed. "Ofcourse says," Rex snealkily. He knew Felix was indeed the more dangerous, becuase of his ability to probe the character of an individual and he must tread lightly.


The two hairless tigers circled each other while they spoke. "Why are you here," they asked?"
"I am here to warn you," he said.
"Of what?" they asked in unison.
"Your very existence is threatened," he said.
The two chuckled madly like a pair of hyenas.
"By whom," they answered "And first I would like to know who I am speaking to,
Speak Boy!"
Rex roars and says,"I am Rex Panthera, you do not know of me but you will remember my name now and in the future." The two cats looked at each other stunned and shocked at his boldness. "I am Maximus Carnivorous, and I am Felix Carnivorous,"said the other. "I am aware of your handy work in Kenya," says Rex.
"That was 100 years ago," answered Maximus.
"Why do you think it was us, " asked Felix.
"That's why I'm asking," If you are not immortal you are of no consequence to me,"says Rex. The two again exchanged glances. Their skills were indeed rusty, but they marveled at the boldness of this boy. "It's rumored you killed over 135 men that day," says Rex. "Be careful of rumors,they are alomst always untrue" hissed Maximus.
"It was more," said Felix.
Felix is sitting and sniffs the air. "Be careful Maximus, the boy is a product of witchcraft," he warns. Rex seems to be taken aback for the moment, it is he who is stunned now. Knowing immortals have heiracrchy and cursed or enchanted cats being at the bottom he now feared what would come next.