Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Change

They show him the change. Rex is in a locked room. He peaks with fangs and hunched over in agony. He screams and roars in the same breath with yellow slitted eyes.
“Some only go through this change once a month. Some love it more than others,” she said. His face turns into a cat. Then the animal stands on 2 legs. He turns and charges at the door. He bumps into the door. It jars. John steps back and says,"Wow."
“Careful,” says Kitty. He can’t hurt you.
“So you keep saying. I won’t know until I test it, Will I, ”he says.
“Yes, “she answers.
“But that won’t happen today,” says Leo. He marveled at the boy’s bravery a glimmer he hadn’t seen since the extinction of his pride.
“Some like the change, Rex does,” says Kitty.
“Do you,” asks John.
"No,” says kitty, she replies slowly.
Your Ka is different, says Leo. As he changes the subject. “It’s funny I’ve never felt different,” he said. “You probably have and didn’t know it, yet anyway the test has yet to come, says Leo. He looks back into the room and Rex was on the floor naked. “That was fast he said,” he said. “Is it always like that. "We can change more quickly now; we’re not always at the mercy of the beast,” she says. “You sound like it is a different being,” says John. “We are one and the same. I have accepted that. But when you transform it's the animal,” she says.


John Henry is at their house and begins to notice things. It's a cave really, scultped into the rock hidden by other caves.
Longs nails they refuse to trim. Long canine teeth, bodies covered with soft fine hair. Rub them selves constantly, Give themselves a bath, pointed ears, pale skin, hisses, becomes aggressive quickly, hates water, eat 10 times a day, eats only meat, super vision, smells in the air. Sleeps in a feline twisted position.
They tell him he is a therianrtophy. He thinks he is the soul of an animal. H

The Pantheras Again

That night John was taken from his dorm. It was the Panthera’s. He awoke riding on the back of a great Lion. “Don’t worry said, Leo Panthera, you are safe, ”he said. They took him to their home.


John sneaks away to the library one night and researches the temple,
Herodotis has been quoted as saying:” The site of the building is in the center of the city and looks like an island it has two canals from the Nile circled the island, they flow in a circle, each canal is a hundred feet wide and shaded with trees. There is a lower wall just swarmed with more trees lie an indoor oasis, there are many statues, but just to the outer most wall is the statue of the Goddess herself. “
John closes the book. He feels the scepter must have been in the hands of one of the statues, but where is it now?