Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Door

The next week John and Isis meet at the back of the dining hall. They manage to slip away. John and Isis come to an entrance with steps and walk inside. “This must be the patio,” says John. They are in an outdoor area with a dusty pond that once held water. On more careful inspection, Isis says, ”It looks like some kind of cemetery!” She runs up behind John and bumps into him. John interrupts, “But there aren’t any headstones.” He shines the flashlight overhead to the archway there are a few symbols overhead of each door.

What Do I need To Know?

“Well why do I need to learn them,” she asks. “There is a bigger prize. Anyway, why do you ask so many questions,” he says. “Well if I am to put my life in danger, I need to know,” says Isis. “What?” he exclaimed. “It common knowledge that the tombs of the are Pharaohs dangerous,” she replies. “This is not a Pharaoh’s tomb. It’s the Temple of Bast,” he says. “Same thing,” she whispers as she got up and returns to eat with the other girls.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ready to Go

“Where?” she queries. “Here,” he said. She became more interested. “In the basement, I saw them, caverns and caverns worth,” says John. “How can I get away?“ asks Isis. “Next week he said when you come back for lunch. In the meantime we’ll do research together,” he says. “ Agreed, Agreed,” she said. “Which hieroglyphics do you need to know?” she asks. “Just enough for a basic sentence. I didn’t see many when I was down there,” he says.


The next day the girl’s orphanage comes for lunch. John manages to corner Isis and ushers her to a seat that is more secluded. “What is this about,”she queries? I need to learn hieroglyphics. “Why do you need my help," she asks. "You are good with memorizing,” he returns. “And,” she asks. “I want you to go with me to search some ruins,” says John.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


After morning lessons John goes to the library within the orphanage. He looks for research on the Bast temple. He opens a book and finds a layout. The layout matches the ruin in the basement. He decides he will go ac later and explore he cavern as much as he can, but he will need help. John goes to his room and decides to wait until he speaks to his friend Isis. That night he is getting ready for bed. He opens one of the books about hieroglyphics from the library he has checked out.

What Kind of Cat

“Yes,” answers Taj.
“ It’s picture from the night before,” asks John.
“That looks like a cape lion, but it can’t be one,” says Taj.
“Why?” asks John.
“Cape lions are extinct,” says Taj.
“ And what about this white panther?” asks John.
“ Yes,” says Taj.
“I have never seen one before,” says John.
“ Clearly an albino with blue eyes,” says Taj.
“Yes, It must be, says John as he prepares to go downstairs for breakfast.

Monday, September 27, 2010


He can’t read hieroglyphics. He decides to leave and come back later. He runs back down the hall to find the shaft he fell through. It was a hard climb back to the top. He is out of breath and stumbles back to his room.
John Henry returns to his room. He sees a camera on the bunk overhead. “What is this?” asks John.
“ It’s a camera,” says Taj, his roommate.
“Was it running the other night?” asks John.
“ I think so,” answers Taj. John Henry quickly opens the digital camera.
“Look,” he gasped!


Now this being Egypt this kind of occurrence was not nearly uncommon. But this was complete with cave paintings of cats as people. He shined the light all over the room. John couldn’t read the hieroglyphics. He saw a nearby torch and picked it up. Magically it lit up. He walked through the cave like hallway until he came to what were huge double doors. There words on the door were clearly devoted to Bast.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The First Cave Sighting

Life in the orphanage was never easy, but John decided to make the most of his time and pursue some questions he had. He used to air ducts to slide from room to room.
But one day he lost his balance and ended up in something that looked like a basement. Upon further inspection it was a cave!

A Rare Gift

“I was told to watch out for someone who had a rare gift to speak to the cats. It appears that person has come,” says the shopkeeper. John backs out of the shop in disbelief. “Come back ,”the shopkeeper yells after him. John was sure the man was a witch doctor, crazy, or both. So ran from the shop as fast as he could go.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Oracle of Bast

“You knew didn’t you? “ asked John.
“Ofcourse, but I wasn’t sure. The cat only appears to very special people I was told. You must be a very special person. In fact I don’t know anyone who has seen this it is only a legend,” says the shopkeeper.
“Who are you,” demanded John.
“ I’m the oracle of Bast. It’s an ancient religion. Bast is the cat goddess, ”said the shopkeeper.

We'recats: The Shopkeeper

We'recats: The Shopkeeper: "John did not believe this was an accident so he went back to the shopkeeper the next day. John asked him why he had sold him a magical cat...."

The Shopkeeper

John did not believe this was an accident so he went back to the shopkeeper the next day. John asked him why he had sold him a magical cat. The shopkeeper pretended not to know what John was talking about. He whisked his patrons outside and turned the sign to closed. He walked back to John and says, ”Keep your voice down!”
“You knew didn’t you? “ asked John.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Cat Calls

“You will see in time,” said the Cat. “You will need me in all of your journeys from here on out and we shall protect each other.” Suddenly John heard foots steps. The headmaster called to him. “Quickly,” John whispered. The cat jumped back to his perch and sat. John appeared to be asleep. “John, is everything okay, I thought I heard noises?” called Malic. “Everything is fine,” said John as he woke up pretending to be sleep. The headmaster gathered his flashlight and left. John called to the cat, but it didn’t awaken.

The Cat Mummy

“ Three US dollars,” said the shopkeeper.
“Why is it so cheap?” asked John. The shopkeeper shrugged his shoulders; relics go in and out of style. John Henry happened to have dollars saved. He said all right. The shopkeeper stared after John as he left his shop.
“ Good Luck,” he hollered after John.
He took the cat back to his room. That night he was sleeping and he heard something call out to him. Suddenly the cat was mortal. It was purring and arching its back as it paced along the room.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Oracle's Shop

The next day he took a walk into town. John walked into a shop. The shop was full of books of spells and charms. This was indeed very rare in Egypt so he walked around what seemed like hours looking at the old books. His eye rested on a cat. The shopkeeper walked up to him and began to speak about the cat. “This is a cat mummy,” he said.
“A real one?” asked John.

The Orphan's Home

The orphanage looked like a large gymnasium. The staff was small. The girl’s orphanage will come to spend the day today. The girls slide into a seat across from the boys and giggled the whole time. After breakfast left the orphanage and went to his favorite place on the Nile. He walked outside and sat on the bank. Large sailboats floated along the deep blue water. It was a white turquoise blue. The shore was made of rocks. The grass just beyond grew from the most beautiful and fertile land on this side of Egypt. The orphanage itself was large and white with many windows and rooms. A large white dome perched on the very top of this building. The orphanage itself was a mystery complete with old ruins and catacombs he had yet to explore.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

John Henry

John Henry will one day be a leader to all shape shifting cats. He is a student. His goal is to find out more about his destiny. He is often motivated by curiosity. John has an inner need to be apart of something bigger than himself. He is a hero at heart. He is courageous brave and nice. He sometimes gets himself into situations without thinking first. John is skilled in puzzles. He sees things from everyone’s point of view. He has brown hair and light skin. He is lanky with dark brown eyes and has always wanted to be muscular and bigger than his size. John is very tall with hair almost shoulder length.