Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The west wall was both jagged and smooth. The whole piece was a mix of dark and medium browns with spots. It had natural steps cut into it, but they were meters apart standing on the most defined rock on the top was the Tigris. She stood on the top screaming, and then she jumped to the bottom with speeds that were both familiar and frightening as she fell. John began to climb the same crater in the rock that other humans were clinging to, betting that her body would be too large to fit or hang on to the stair. John was right she fell the length, only to start over again. He didn’t watch her long. She began catcalling.


Suddenly all four cats zoom towards him. The lion and tiger matched each other in speed. But the lion was clearly, king of this tribe as all the others. They shape shift into Werecats and surround the camp. He runs to warn the other kids. They are out of the camp running around.
He reached a plateau with four hills. He ran as fast as he could over the dusty plain. John was surprised he could run that fast. His asthma was calm. There were two of them behind him, lurching forward and almost galloping on all fours.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The White Panther

John Henry looked up and saw a white panther perched on the 3rd level, just below the bell in the top open window. The sky was dark. This tower was in front of a mountain cliff to it’s left is part of the residence with 7 visible rooms; to its right is a large area that’s used as a meeting area. Most of this part of the structure is made of rock and dust. The panther looks up and sees the cross on the very top of the tower just above her. She seemed to cower and squeal in its presence. She retreated back into the dark hallway only with her bright blue eyes visible and then they were gone.

The Chase

John Henry began running as fast as he could, and before he knew it he was on a large hill. He ran across its slope as much as he could without sliding. It was slanted against a black sky in the distance. He tried to run without falling down the slope leading behind him every 5 minutes. He heard footsteps at this point but saw no one. He held on to parts of the dry brown clay while his feet tried to keep up. Finally he was at the bottom.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Cat

The Werecat was bipedal. The great cat transformed, and he was larger than the regular lion about 800 lbs. The calmness of the prowl is exchanged for a beast with so much rage. John Henry eyed the enormous cat. He was both envious and beguiled by what he saw.

The Monastery

It was completely cut off from the outside world, which of advantage to the intruder. The class had camped outside its walls. That’s when he heard the screams. The campers and patrons ran as fast as they could in all directions, and John just stood there at the mercy of four, eight -foot tall ferocious cats.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Trip

It was at this time that John Henry, an orphan who lives in an orphanage just inside Aswan is on a safari with his teacher. The class traveled for three days until they stopped 45 miles of the Nile basin near Aswan. His teacher decided to take a class of children in the small orphanage, on a trip. The first leg of their trip was Saint Catherine’s monastery.


Some say cats will always be here. As long as you have one female cat that’s all you need. I know they have been here as long as the first human and will definitely out live us.