Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Lies Ahead

"You will have the ability, not only to shape shift, but to turn into a Were Cat, this is what will give you powers over all shape shifting cats,” Minx says." Why didn’t you just tell me this,”John says. “You will gain strength by figuring it out yourself. Only escaping adventure after adventure will give you the training and strength you will need for what lies ahead,” She says as she looks to Isis, ”And they will have a part to play as well, keep your friends close John Henry and we know where your enemies will be,” she ends.
She yawns and twists beginning to freeze. He yells,” but wait,” but she is slumbering again.

At Home

Isis covered John, and she sees a magical doorway at the edge of the room. “Quick she says,” both jump over some nearby rubble and continue walk through the door. The are amazingly, back in the shop. John says,” Let’s go and they run upstairs and out the door. The oracle comes out from behind some books smiling. They speed to the orphanage, and John pulls Isis into his room. “Wait, “ she says you know I can’t be in here. ”Look,” I want you to see something, Minx, "he called. The cat twists from it's pedestal and turns into the beautiful sorceress. “You revealed yourself to my friend,” he said. “It is useful for me to show her,” she says. John shakes his head at another one of her riddles. “Look,It is me isn’t it,” He questions. “I'm surprised you noticed,"she says. “I would notice myself anywhere,” he joked,” “It is what will be, who showed you this? Someone meant for you to see it,"Minx said. ”We found it,” he said. "Where,” she asks. "It’s a long story,” he said. “Of course, someone put it there,” she ends. Isis looks stunned and doesn’t speak. He turns to her, ”Oh Isis this is Minx, my cat." Isis could barely speak but manages. “I never knew you had a cat, let alone one like this,”she ends.

The Wrong Way Out

Isis and John Henry begin to go back, suddenly it seems as if they are lost. John turns to her, "What is going on," he says. “This is the way,” says Isis. "No it isn't," says John. The hallway is the same it is as if it turned a least 360 degrees when they were gone. Suddenly Isis seems confused. “I see what you mean,” she says as she put her hands on her waist. “This place is magical, and all we need to do is think like magicians, “John sees a tablet in the far corner and wanders from her. He begins to walk to it. She has her back turned and is still looking for a way out. He moves the dust, and reveals a hieroglyphic picture of a Werecat dressed in Pharaoh’s headdress. He peered at the face closer, and it was he. He tried to loosen the cobblestone, but just as he does the cave begins to shatter. Isis, who was looking for a way out, sees him and yells stop, she runs to him. John we have to go, but he doesn't want to budge. She takes out her phone and takes a picture of the relief. She pulls him away just in time as the ruin falls inches from them.