Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sneaking In

Cat sat on her favorite perch sleeping by the door, when her son came home. she smelled him yards away, and that's what woke her. He unlocked the door sneaking in half dressed like a teenager with some sort of secret. "Were have you been,' she whined like a shrew. Rex was startled, this was totally unlike his mother, But her questions just became faster as she drifted into the light. "Why are you half dressed," I shape shifted only meters from here. "Where is dad," he queried. "Out hunting again, we need fresh food everyday, you know that, too many of us will draw attention," She says. "Yes," he answered. She relaxed and walked into the kitchen and made herself some warm milk and wraped her sharpened claws around a cup. "Want some," she asked? "No," he said he thought she had abandoned her questions, her eyes narrowed into slits once he went upstairs.

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