Saturday, November 6, 2010


The two hairless tigers circled each other while they spoke. "Why are you here," they asked?"
"I am here to warn you," he said.
"Of what?" they asked in unison.
"Your very existence is threatened," he said.
The two chuckled madly like a pair of hyenas.
"By whom," they answered "And first I would like to know who I am speaking to,
Speak Boy!"
Rex roars and says,"I am Rex Panthera, you do not know of me but you will remember my name now and in the future." The two cats looked at each other stunned and shocked at his boldness. "I am Maximus Carnivorous, and I am Felix Carnivorous,"said the other. "I am aware of your handy work in Kenya," says Rex.
"That was 100 years ago," answered Maximus.
"Why do you think it was us, " asked Felix.
"That's why I'm asking," If you are not immortal you are of no consequence to me,"says Rex. The two again exchanged glances. Their skills were indeed rusty, but they marveled at the boldness of this boy. "It's rumored you killed over 135 men that day," says Rex. "Be careful of rumors,they are alomst always untrue" hissed Maximus.
"It was more," said Felix.
Felix is sitting and sniffs the air. "Be careful Maximus, the boy is a product of witchcraft," he warns. Rex seems to be taken aback for the moment, it is he who is stunned now. Knowing immortals have heiracrchy and cursed or enchanted cats being at the bottom he now feared what would come next.

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