Friday, October 29, 2010

The TSAVO Lair

Rex climbed to the top of a jagged mountain range. He had traveled day and night to central Kenya. Rex fell through a slit in the rock and fell through a tunnel to the bottom of the mountain. He woke beside a lava lake. Suddenly his eyes opened and he jumped to a crouching position ans sniffed in the air quickly left to right. He felt the CHANGE coming. He loved it. It was quick and painful, but oh the power,ROAR! He shape shifted and began running through the tunnels. The tunnels were like a winding maze with no alternate route. Rex was sure this would take him to the TSAVOS one way or another. The heat was increasing and he was sure this was not far from hell itself. Rex stopped suddenly at a long bridge directly above the lava river then he jumped and hurled his body across with all his might. Suddenly the space began to narrow as if it had a mind of its own. Rex stretched his physique until it squeaked through the thin tiny tunnels to a large doorway made of rock and lit by candles. He walked out into a huge cavern on all fours. In the background was an incredibly high cliff with a red luminescent light at the top. He knew this is where he must go and climb he did to the very top. Rex jumped and climbed for what seemed like hours until he saw the portal and walked through it and there he was suddenly in the living space of two of the most feared cats the world has ever known.

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