Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Tigris

Tigris “Cat” Panthera is the mother of the family. Her height and weight are 350 lbs and almost 8 feet tall. She has long blonde hair. She is 390 years old. She is a champion jumper. She green a round face with green cat. She loves wine, but sometimes fears going places alone.
Cat stands with Leo most of the time. He is the leader and anything he says goes for her. She has a tanned complexion.
Cat has great athletic ability and has good intelligence. Cat likes to chase small animals for sport. She drawls and roars when speaking. Cat stands for what’s right as well. She also fears their secret is getting out and will do anything to protect it. Leo has stopped her from devouring many humans who saw them change. Cat misses her parents and sister, who dies centuries ago. She used to watch them as a tiger before they died. She was born in Australia. She is Caucasian.
Cat works at home as a travel agent.
She was cursed by a witch doctor over 300 years ago. Cat usually says one thing does another. She has a hot temperament and dislkes people

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