Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kitty Panthera

These days it was hard for John Henry to tell his friends from his enemies. Now there is Kitty Panthera. She is is a 5 10 slim white panther with blue eyes.
She is 350 years old. A long scar on her neck from countless cat fights.
Kitty has an athletic build and has great health. She is an attractive, platinum blonde, with crossed eyes.
She is addicted to red meat. Although she doesn’t like to hurt innocent victims.
Kitty wants to protect John even if it means an end to her powers.
She has a very pale complexion and is a super jumper. She is a dim wit and loves to watch too much television. Her voice quality is that of a high scream.
She fears death. She hates the thought of spending the rest of her life alone with her family. She often dreams of venturing out to meet other werecats, or anybody else.
Kitty was born in Australia and home schooled there as well. Now she works in her father’s online travel agency as an online travel agency.
She wants to help others but is suspicious of humans.
Many times she must do what family wants even if it goes against what she wants
She was caught once and displayed as a circus act until her family saved her. The circus keeper loved to see her change, but didn’t know what to feed her afterwards, the appropriate meal being humans. She is has a soft side, is often too trusting, and is always hungry.
Kitty often gets caught easily when roaming. She eats too much but has a superior knowledge of prey.
She has a good attitude and always thinks in terms of others first.
She is Caucasian and speaks a high pitch voice with long pauses. When she is still you can almost hear her purring.
Kitty is physically very strong and has a good relationship with other people.
She was arrested once when she jumped inside a zoo exhibition.
She is middle class and her religion is the Bast cat.
Kitty loves to knit clothes for herself. She hates it when humans kill cats.
She knows all superstitions. Unlike the others she is afraid.
Her ambition is to one day meet the Bast cat, now or in the after life.
Kitty often imagines she is human and defends them.
She has a calm temperment, but scares easily. She dislikes being a Werecat and secretly longs for mortality.

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