Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Next Day

Two days later, a girl sleeks from the shower in her room and walks into the living room. Her mother is there on the couch passed out. "What’s wrong,Mom did you have a rough night last night,” She giggles. “Something like that," answers Cat. The father is in the living room asleep. "Dad, why did you call off the attack? “ It’s hard to find that much food out here,”says Kitty.
He says, ”The boy has the mark of shen, the beginning and end mark of protection,” I saw it on his hand." A pre teen boy about 13 emerges from his room yawning. Cat asks, ”Rex are you all right?”
“Yes,” He says.”
Cat says,” How you manage to get so many scratches I’ll never know.”
“ Hello,” I’m the smallest continues, ” saysRex.
“When I named you Rex, I thought you would be a big powerful Lion,” Leo roars with laughter.
Kitty says, ”You should have named him Kitty and me Rex,” they laugh.

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