Sunday, October 10, 2010

Leo the Lion

Leo Panthera is the patriarch and the leader of the pack.
He is over 8 feet and 350 lbs as a cat. His appearance is blonde, with brown eyes. His age is about 40 years old and he tears a lot. Leo wears casual clothing and has an athletic build. His health is good and he has great physical strength.
Leo has mid length, dirty brown hair, beard that goes all over the whole face.
Leo is addicted to small prey. He is a good were cat and uses powers for good and to eat. He is slightly tanned and is an incredible runner. Leo exhibits the wisdom of a 400-year-old person. He paces before he strikes and his voices thunders.

Leo fears leaving his family. He will do anything to protect them.
He becomes violent easily. He is Caucasian and was brought up in Australia.
Leo is self-taught and learns through travel. Leo is a travel agency owner.
He is a travel Agent. His goal is to help John. His personal motivation is to do what’s right. Leo will do anything to protect his family.
He became an immortal in Africa 400 years ago. Leo at 30 years old was mauled by a lion but survived. He is a natural leader and resilient. He watches houses. His point of view is they. He is realistic . He was once caught for indecent exposure once after he shapeshited back to a lion. Leo worships Ra and is middle class. He visits his parent's grave, as a lion and sits on a neary hill. He loves to travel.
Leo is prejudiced against humans and hates kids that don’t listen.
His superstition is related to the Bast cat.
He believes in truth and often replays events over in his mind and can’t let things go easily. Leo can’t imagine after life without cats in it. He has a nice disposition, but a hot temperament. He likes to hunt and dislikes daytime.

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