Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why Him?

“Dad go on,” begs Kitty.”
“It is believed he is the beginning of an ancient Egyptian prophecy to end the blood thirst for all shape shifting cats. He is the son of Sekhmet and Ptah, through Imhotep, or possible Ra himself!” he says.
Cat says, as she walks into the kitchen,” We need to get to him before the TSAVO do."
"We can’t hurt him," asks Rex.
"No,We must make sure he is not hurt at any costs," says Leo. "Why,If he puts an end to the blood thirst that puts and end to us," says Rex.
“ Some of us don’t like being this way,” says Kitty.
“Hey some of us do," Argued Rex!
Leo says, "It’s settled we won’t hurt the boy.“
"Rex, there more” The boy is a theriantrophy, he contains the spirit of one of these gods, we can’t hurt him," says Cat.
"Well I don’t believe this stuff," says Rex. He rises and goes to his room.

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