Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rex ‘Wildcat”Panthera

Of course there was"Wildcat”Panthera. He is 6 foot as a cat,200 lbs
and he looks around 16 but his age is 320 years old.
He always wears athletic clothing. Rex is the fastest runner in the family.
blond hair green eyes.
He is the smallest in the family.
Rex has a tan complexion. He is an above average thinker, a geek who tries to be tough. He loves to play with prey before he kills it.
He speaks as if he knows everything, you can hear it in his tone.
He will stand will the cats until death although he fears it.

Rex was born in Australia and was home schooled.
He refuses to work in the family business and prefers odd jobs.
He loves himself and wants to be king of all cats.
Rex has an inner need-to be a beast always. He feels he is stronger when he is a cat. He will step on anyone to get what he wants and secretly has low self esteem.
A witch doctor cursed Cat’s youngest child to be the most frail. Rex is extremely sneaky and kills other than to eat.
He often rambles to the point of being told to shut up, he feels he must always the teacher.

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