Saturday, November 6, 2010


"He has come along way, let's hear him out," says Maximus.
"And still you should be proud of your work," he tries to compliment. The two cats didn't look particularly frightening, but they were no laughing matter. One stood at 9 feet and the other at 12 feet tall. "You waste our time," thunders Maximus.
"He is here!" screamed Rex at the top of his lungs.
"Who," queried Felix.
"Are you not royalty, you should at least sense him?
there is one even greater than even you," says Rex.
"Go on," drawls Maximus.
"A boy has arrived, he has the Mark of Shen,"says Rex.
"Remind us briefly,"says Felix.
"He is the descendant of Sehkmet herself and he will be king," says Rex. "How do you know this, we didn't sense anything," says Felix. "My parents told me, and you wouldn't sense anything, your powers are not that strong. Not as strong as his I mean," says Rex.
They roared at him in uni some and pounced down to his position very annoyed. "He hasn't changed yet." They looked at each other in bewildered fashion. "What is it you want?" asked Maximus. "I will spy for you if you will make me one of you," he asked.
"How quickly things change, when you first entered the cave it was as though you were in charge and we are your help," says Maximus. He looks nervously between them, always aware of his small size in relation to other weres.
"A king or a prince," says Felix suddenly.
"That's impossible, you said yourself I'm the product of witch craft," says Rex.
"We can find a way," says Maximus, "besides it's what you want."
Maximus leans further in Rex's face. "Alright. But we are in charge of you, not you in charge of us," they agreed. "Ofcourse says," Rex snealkily. He knew Felix was indeed the more dangerous, becuase of his ability to probe the character of an individual and he must tread lightly.

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