Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The City

Isis was mesmerized when she saw it. The city consisted of 3 wooden buildings. The buildings were large and small at the same time. They were replicas of artifacts found in the tombs. The shop is filled with them,but these were different. They were wooden and inlaid with porcelain and gold. The first building looked like a temple. She took off the front of the building. In moments she was there. Hieroglyphics danced around the tiny version of herself. "I can't believe this," she says as she scans at herself from head to toe. The temple was luminescent white. Pictures and signs floated in the air all around her. She heard a voice,"Who,where is your magic, where is it?" It chanted over and over. She screams that's enough,then she sees it a glass case with something locked inside. Then she's on to the next site out in the sand wondering but emerges right in front of the next temple. She sees John Henry and they walk toward the next building out front.

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